084 - Everything About Social Media with Jordan Matter
Dr. Brian's Health ShowFebruary 15, 2023
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084 - Everything About Social Media with Jordan Matter

Episode Summary

Welcome to The Dr. Brian’s Health Show, a weekly podcast where Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler uses his decades of experience in medicine and ability as an expert researcher to provide a light-hearted approach and share health trends popular on TikTok. In this episode, Dr. Brian welcomes accomplished photographer and influencer, Jordan Matter, to provide insights into social media.

What does it take to become a successful social media influencer? How important is resilience in pursuing your dreams? What are some best practices for content creators looking to grow their platform? Find out in today’s episode!

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Key Takeaways

01:18 – Dr. Brian introduces today’s guest, Jordan Matter, who joins the show to share insights on life, influencing, parenting, and pursuing your passion

08:02 – Jordan shares a story about how his son inspired his Influencer career

10:57 – Resilience and pursuing a dream

20:57 – Work-Life balance as a full time YouTube influencer

22:42 – Jordan expounds on the prospect of his children following in his footsteps as an influencer

25:48 – The battle between YouTube & TikTok

29:00 – The rise of niche creators

31:29 – Advice Jordan would give to those looking to grow their platforms

35:37 – Dr. Brian thanks Jordan Matter for joining the show, teases next week’s topic and encourages them to Subscribe, Rate and Review this podcast on RateThisPodcast.com/NoCap

Tweetable Quotes

“I started doing YouTube and my son said, ‘Dad, look. If you’re lucky enough to have success on YouTube, it’s because you found a lane. But if you stay in the lane too long, people are gonna get bored and leave. But if you get out of your lane, they’re not gonna like it and they’re gonna leave. So, you have to find a way to expand your lane while staying in your lane.’ I had no idea what that meant, but that’s the path I’ve always followed on YouTube.” (09:45) (Jordan)

“I think a lot of times what happens with people is they have a dream and they have a job. And those two things are not connected. So, they do their job because they need to do their job, but the dream gets put on hold.” (16:31) (Jordan)

“I think there’s a certain amount of regret I’ve always been afraid of living with. And the regret comes from not having done everything I could to fulfill my dreams.” (18:38) (Jordan)

“YouTube has seen a significant percentage of their viewers go to TikTok. So, they’re trying to get them back with shortness. But the real money they make is on long-form content. What they’re hoping is that they get them away from TikTok by incentivizing creators to make more content on YouTube, and then once the viewers are on YouTube, they’ll watch the long-form and see the ads.” (27:22) (Jordan)

“Not everybody is meant to be on camera. Not everyone is meant to have a platform. You need to have something to say to have a platform. So, first, what is it that you have to say? And, when I say, ‘not everyone is meant to have a platform,’ what I mean is not everybody is offering the audience something that is of value. So then why am I watching? Everybody could though. We all have that value, but if you’re just trying to be somebody else, you’re not gonna offer that value.” (32:07) (Jordan)

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Brian’s amazing new book on social media, INFLUENCED, featuring his incredible insights and experiences along with many of your favorite influencers. Endorsed by many influencers including Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski - https://www.influencedsocialmedia.com/

DM Dr. Brian your questions and we will respond back with answers - https://v.cameo.com/F5MH0Hglnmb

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