081 - Acne Videos - True or False with Dr. Azi Shirazi Part 2
Dr. Brian's Health ShowNovember 23, 2022
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081 - Acne Videos - True or False with Dr. Azi Shirazi Part 2

Episode Summary

Welcome to The Dr. Brian’s Health Show, a weekly podcast where Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler uses his decades of experience in medicine and ability as an expert researcher to provide a light-hearted approach and share health trends popular on TikTok. In this episode, Dr. Brian welcomes back Dr. Azi Shirazi to analyze today’s topic: Acne & Skincare Remedies, Part 2.

Can diet impact your acne? What about sunscreen, birth control and makeup remover sponges? Is cleaning your face multiple times a day a good or bad practice? Find out in today’s episode!

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Key Takeaways

01:08 – Dr. Brian welcomes back today’s guest, Dr. Azi Shirazi, who joins the show to break down more videos on skincare and acne

02:30 – How diet, overcleansing, and birth control can affect acne

06:32 – Sunscreen and makeup remover

09:01 – Dr. Brian teases Acne & Skincare Remedies, Part 3

Tweetable Quotes

“You know, she makes a good point. It’s not always diet related if you have acne. So, as long as you eat a well-rounded, healthy diet, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate certain foods, unless you know that, for whatever reason, you’re on some extreme all cow’s milk diet or something like that.” (03:30) (Dr. Azi)

“I always tell people your skin barrier is the key to healthy skin. It keeps the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. And so when it’s disrupted, acne gets worse.” (04:08) (Dr. Azi)

“A lot of times, when acne goes away, it leaves behind a stain - a red stain or a brown stain. If you don’t protect your skin from the sun, that stain can last for months. If you’re breaking out, wear sun protection because the sun definitely delays the healing of the skin and can cause staining from acne to last much longer.” (06:40) (Dr. Azi)

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